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Quick Update: Measles in LA County, a Few Tips on Specimen Collection for Measles Testing, and More!


  • A 4-case outbreak of measles in LA. Read the press release.

  • Here is a cheat sheet made by California Department of Public Health on how to collect specimens for measles testing at public health laboratories in California.

  • THROAT specimens are preferred over NP for PCR testing!

  • Urine should also be collected for PCR.

  • PCR specimens should be collected within 2 weeks after rash onset.

  • Serum should be collected at least 72 hours after rash onset to avoid false negative results.

  • If you haven't read my new blog on ASM Bugs and Drugs, here's the link. In this first of a (planned) three-part series, I talk about the origin and history of syphilis. Very fascinating, if I do say so myself :)


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