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Quick update: Procalcitonin-guided cessation of Rx may be beneficial

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Procalcitonin-Guidance Versus Usual Care for Antimicrobial Management in Critically Ill Patients: Focus on Subgroups Based on Antibiotic Initiation, Cessation, or Mixed Strategies

  • Procalcitonin may be used to shorten the duration of Rx in patients with sepsis

  • Used to guide initiation (>0.5-1.0 ug/L) or cessation of Rx (<0.5-1.0 ug/L or decrease of >50-90% of previous level), or both

  • Meta-analysis of 15 studies looking at short term mortality as primary outcome, and length of therapy as secondary outcome

  • Use of procalcitonin to guide cessation of Rx resulted in decreased risk ratio for primary outcome (mortality, 0.87) and decreased Rx duration by 1.26 days

Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash

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